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MeetEdgar employee benefits

Health Coverage
Roeder Studios covers 75% of employee premiums for Health, Dental, and Vision. All benefits kick in on the 1st of the month following your hire date, assuming all enrolment forms are completed.
Roeder Studios matches 100% of employee 401k contributions up to 3% of employee compensation, plus 50% of salary deferrals between 3% and 5% of employee compensation. No vesting! Matched funds are 100% yours immediately.
Family Leave
MeetEdgar offers both primary and non-primary caregivers paid family leave. This policy covers all full-time employees who need time away from work to care for and bond with a new child, biological or adopted.
Vacation Time
Full-time employees get 4 weeks (20 days) of paid vacation per year. Days expire at the end of the calendar year - use them or lose them!
Uncapped Sick Time
If you are too sick to work, use a sick day. Individual sick days are not counted against your vacation time and are uncapped. This is a paid benefit for full-timers and unpaid for part times.
Paid Holidays
USA Paid holidays to all employees
Birthday Mini-Adventure Day
You get to stay in bed or hang with loved ones + explore your local community. You get a gift that you can use towards a mini-adventure (think local museum, art gallery, movie tickets, etc.) If your birthday falls on a weekend, you get the Friday prior off!
Company-Provided MacBooks
You’re getting a new MacBook when you start working at Edgar. For the first 6 months of your employment, consider the computer company property. Once you hit your 6-month workiversary, it’s yours to keep. Team members will get upgraded equipment every three years.
Team Profit Sharing
Did we bring in more revenue this year than last year? Is our year-end profit margin greater than 15%? If we meet both criteria, we will allocate the portion of our profit margin above 15%, up to 18%, to be shared with the team as a ca$h bonus, distributed equally among all employees.
Co-working Spaces
Meet Edgar will cover monthly membership and/or day passes
Books / Courses / Ongoing Education
Buy books and educational courses that help enhance your job performance. You're also encouraged to purchase books or educational materials that you think may benefit any coworker.
Conference Attendance
They'll cover the cost of attending one conference per year. Please actively look for a conference/event each year to attend that will benefit you and your work - attending with other team members is encouraged.
Monthly House Cleaning
The company will cover the cost of a monthly house/workspace cleaning (for your entire home, not just home office).
Toilet Paper Allowance
Working from home means your TP budget has doubled! Fret no more, as Edgar will send you your fave brand every month to your door.
Team Retreats
Twice per year, the whole team gathers together for a weeklong giant workcation! All expenses are included. This happens in February and September each year
Home Internet Service
Home Internet Service paid for you
Discounted Pet Insurance
Discounts at Petplan, Healthy Paws, and Embrace for you to explore
Hassle-Free Company Credit Card
All employees are issued a company credit card. No approval process and no hassles to charge any of your company perks (up to the limits indicated), or any other work-related incidentals. Ops will have your new credit card mailed to you shortly after your hire date.

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