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Founded in 2010
85 Employees

Buffer employee benefits

Competitive salary
Our salary formula adjusts to your cost of living and experience.
Profit sharing
When the company does well, all team members share the profits!
Family leave
3 months of family leave for all parents, and more is possible
Buffer offers company get-togethers twice per year! Our next retreat is in Greece
Home office setup
Get a laptop + $500 to set up your home office!
Working smarter stipend
Get some extra cash for a co-working space or a coffee shop work.
Growth mindset' fund:
Extra money for learning and development. Get a free Kindle and all the free books - digital, physical, and audio - you like, anytime.
Minimum vacation
At least 3 weeks/year
With 3% company match
Take a 6-week break, fully paid, after every 5 years with Buffer.

How Buffer works from home