Hello world: Office Free v0.1

by Adam
10 May 2021 - 1 min read

The Covid-19 pandemic is expediting the transition to remote work, companies like Twitter and Shopify announced they'll stay remote after the pandemic.

Now anyone from any continent can work for international companies that are making millions of dollars in revenue, this is great for employees all over the world, but many are still unsure what are the expectations they should have from employers.

  • Because I am from x country will I get paid more/less?
  • Do you expect me to be online in specific hours?
  • What type of benefits do I get working from x country?
  • What are the expectations of me?
  • How do companies work remote?

I created Office Free to be able to answer some of theese questions.

Photo by XPS / Unsplash

With version 0.1 you can browse the employee benefits the best remote companies offer, as well as links they shared on how they work remotely.

In the coming months I'll be adding the best tools to work remotely, and implement other ideas I have.